Oct. 31, 2016

There's a whole lot of shaking going on!

I think I developed a false sense of confidence over the weekend. Someone remarked to me that they see me as one of the most logical and balanced people they’ve ever met. I think I let it go to my head…. 

I am convinced that our safest bet is to not mention politics in any form or fashion anywhere at any time even among friends. I was naïve to think people could speak their convictions and stand for what they see as important without a brawl being incited. I am also naïve in believing people want to hear truth and facts. That isn’t what most of us want at all. 

I think this is where the verse about “tickling the ears” comes into play. Sadly, the church seems to be doing most of the tickling. This tickle-tickle is shaking the church to its core and driving a wedge between God’s children. You know, the children He loves. You remember, the children He called to spread the Good News. There sure isn’t much good news these days – especially in most churches. 

What I’ve discovered is that if you favor one candidate over the other – you make someone mad. If you have the audacity to vote for either major party candidate – someone thinks you are selling your soul or that you are crazy. If you are willing to read everything you can and listen to everything you can and drive home the point that nobody is perfect, you hear a lot of yelling. We like to label one “of God” while labeling the other one as “Satan’s instrument.” If you decide to vote on policy alone, somebody somewhere is going to call you “a lukewarm Christian.”

No more political posts, random thoughts regarding either candidate, or efforts to speak peace into mass chaos.  

God may not be in control of America, but He is Sovereign over America. He is in control of me. Well, when I allow Him to be. Whether or not He is in control of you really is up to you; not me and vice versa. 

We seem to forget He is Master of the Universe and the planet Earth is just one small speck of dust in an infinite cosmos. Just a friendly reminder: the entire Universe really isn’t all about what America wants. I know – it’s shocking. 

So, what’s my point? Absolutely nothing. There. Everyone’s happy now.