Oct. 25, 2016

Did you hear the one about...?

When one of my sons was around a year old, a story came out of the Mervyn’s store on Southmore that made my skin crawl. Apparently, a mother took her child about the same age shopping with her one morning and took her eyes of the stroller for just a few minutes. When she glanced down at the stroller, her child was gone! Gone! The child disappeared from the stroller.

The mother went on to tell the story that a man had taken her child out of the stroller, took the child into the men’s dressing room, drugged the child, dyed the child’s hair and proceeded to kidnap the child from the store. The only way the mother realized what had happened is she saw the child’s tennis shoes hanging out of a blanket that the man was using to try and steal the child. The tennis shoes – that’s the only way she recognized her child. The man dyed the child’s hair but left the same pair of tennis shoes on him.

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What made this story especially bad was that it happened around the same time that little Adam Walsh was kidnapped from a department store in 1981. If you are not familiar with the Adam Walsh story, John Walsh is his dad and hosted the show, “America’s Most Wanted.” After the kidnapping and death of his son, John Walsh committed his life to helping find criminals. This Pasadena mother’s story only served to create more panic in the lives of families that heard her story through the grapevine.

Problem is: her story wasn’t true. Whether she lost her child and the story grew (as most gossip does) over time, I am not certain. I am certain that by the time the story made its full round in the community, we had a crazed kidnapper stalking children in the Mervyn’s store on Southmore. Could have something to do with why the store closed down, huh? Now, don’t go and repeat that – it’s just a rumor I’ve started.

We have a similar whopper story circulating on Facebook about people’s votes being changed at the polls. (My ocean front property in Arizona is still up for sale.)  Electronic machines. They are being changed after someone votes. Yes. That’s right. Someone has wired into certain machines in the United States, specifically in Pearland Texas and Conroe Texas and they are changing votes for President.

Please do not fall prey to silly people who want to scare us, okay? Please do not play the spew hate game. Please look at this situation as rationally and logically as you can. Some (I realize “most”) news outlets support one candidate over the other. They always have. They always will.  They should not affect our voting as individuals. Some will say that the media is bias – but understand the bias goes both ways. There are certain news sources and outlets that actually favor the underdog and they aren’t any nicer to the competitor.

Please understand we are, once again, in a major cultural paradigm shift. It has happened before and it will happen again. Praise songs made their way into churches; women gained the right to vote; civil rights launched a cultural shift in America that some fought violently – literally, violently. Paradigm shifts happen almost every decade. Ask Native Americans. Their entire culture shifted.

I understand the shift may be moving away from your preferred preferences, BUT do you still claim Christ as Savior and God as Sovereign? If so, please do not get wrapped up in the spew hate game.  I’ve voted. I am also accepting that my candidate may not win.  Guess what? That’s American democracy. Regardless of how you personally feel about our government right now at this time, please do not spray negativity all over the place.  It simply is not good for children when the adults in their lives choose to be haters. 

Vote. Trust. Believe. Maybe, just maybe, God ordained this selection process many ages ago in order to carry out His plan for our world.  If that is true, do you really want to stand against God’s plan? 

If you want the system to change, take action.  Rally. Contact all elected officials and voice that you believe the system needs to change. But, believe it or not, our posts on Facebook aren’t doing anyone any good. In fact, the rampant hate and negativity is actually doing many people bad (especially those inclined towards depression).

If you are interested in my ocean front property in Arizona, call me. If you truly feel voter fraud is occurring, please call the Texas Attorney General.  Here is his website: https://www.texasattorneygeneral.gov/ and here is his contact information:

Open Government Hotline

877-673-6839 (OPENTEX)

Rome wasn’t built in the day. The United States wasn’t organized overnight. Paradigm shifts are inevitable. Change happens when we act; not yell and certainly not when we tell tall tales.