Oct. 20, 2016

I am a white, suburban, Independent, college-educated, military mother…

I wrote a blog several months ago that basically said, “You want to win? Then you need to talk to me. I am your swing vote. People like me determine elections.”  My ego was not driving my blog then and I am not being prideful by repeating it now. The bottom line is reality shows that anyone that wants to win a Presidential election needs people like me.

I try to look at life through a spiritual lens. I see everyone as God’s child. He loves each and every one of us equally. For me to pretend that, because I am white or I am female or Baptist or Republican or my definition of “a good person,” that God loves me more is not just hypocritical – it is a lie. God loves people. He loved people so much that He sent His Son to live, to heal, to minister, to teach, to suffer, to die, and to rise again allowing the spiritual realm to burst wide open for grace’s sake. His death allows human beings to enter an eternal paradise or eternal seperation. God put forth His hand and we get to decide whether we hold on to Him or not. His love for us is unconditional. Our love for Him is a choice.

Children are starving across our world. Wars are occurring – some official and some through atrocities. Other areas are on the brink of war and the final war of human history could break out at any moment. Human beings are being sold into slavery for human trafficking in the sex trade more than any other time in our existence. Natural disasters have devastated entire villages and killed entire families. Drugs ravage our homes. Alcohol continues to take over lives and kill people simply trying to get from one place to another. Children are beaten and mistreated; many of them live right around the corner from our homes. Police are being singled out and killed. Young black youth continue to struggle to find their way to success. Single mothers make up some of the most impoverished homes in our nation. Soldiers and their families suffer silently from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder because they sacrificed their lives and put their dreams on hold in order to protect our country – your country. Aging parents are being dumped and abandoned at an alarming rate. Women are still beaten. Men are still cheated on. Children are caught in the cross fire of a nation on the brink of disaster. And, what are we worried about?

Who should we vote for in this election? It’s absorbed and obsessed many of us. I am just as guilty.

I’m not anguished about which candidate I will vote for because my voice isn’t the voice that formed anyone’s existence. I’m not looking for the perfect candidate and trying to convince anyone that my choice needs to be their choice, but I am also withdrawing from this ridiculous game of lies and foolishness. I feel very strongly, very strongly, Christians have lost their way and we want to blame the government for our downfall and failures.

Here’s the question we should be asking: Who is the greatest God in Heaven and on Earth?

My God. That’s who. My God. My God isn’t a political party. My God isn’t a social issue. My God isn’t lower taxes or a finely built house that is affordable. My God isn’t health insurance; He is Heaven insurance. My God calls me to peace, joy, happiness, stability, contentment, faith, and hope.

If we continue to bash one another and lash out in hate and anger, we are destroying the hope our children need to continue until Christ’s return. Is your candidate winning worth the damage you are doing to the next generation by sharing your distaste and distrust of our leaders? I’m curious, because I am more concerned about my children and grandchildren’s spiritual condition than their cultural, political or social beliefs.

I don’t think the majority of Americans ever understood that God is in Russia. God is in Africa. God is in North Korea. God is in Chicago. God rules higher than the Supreme Court. God is in His Children. Whether we go to work or to school, God is there. If you are limiting God to being allowed to profess Him or celebrate your holidays, you have not answered the call He issued to you. He didn’t tell you to ask for permission to worship Him. He asked us to worship Him in spirit and in truth.

I don’t need anyone’s permission or any entity’s decision to declare God as my Lord and Savior. That’s the difference between me and most Evangelicals. I am not asking the world to adapt to my beliefs. I am inviting the world to believe in Him.

Matthew 25:40, “The King will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.’”