Oct. 17, 2016

Granting Permission

I don’t know about you, but I am pretty worn out from this election season. More than ever, I am ready for us to get this over and done with; people are growing increasingly more unhinged.

As a way to combat the negative press, I decided to begin posting positive messages about wonderful women as a way to encourage my “sisters” and the young women coming up behind me. Of course, there are those who decided to turn it political. Probably because my first post of Anne Frank had a caption, “This is Anne Frank. Let's talk about feeling the entire government is against you and feeling attacked, shall we?” I admit it. That first one was a slam because I am tired of hearing the whining and complaining about someone feeling mistreated.  I figure if you dish it out, you need to be able to take it. Otherwise, call all those you belittled and condemned during the primary season and apologize. Otherwise, talk to the hand cuz my ears aren’t listening.

I also did a wonderful play on words, in my opinion.  When sharing the stats for women attempting to “break the glass ceiling,” I used the word “grab” but substituted the word, “opportunity.” I can honestly say that wasn’t meant to be a slam; just a play on words. That’s all.

Which leads me to ask: Why do you think I need your permission to post on my personal Facebook wall? I’m a little confused. 

I heard a pastor say the other day that entirely too many people are taking this election entirely too seriously and if we had taken it this seriously a year ago, we might be in an entirely different situation with our choices. But, of course, I need your permission to share the pastor’s insight, right?

Still not seeing why anyone feels I need to ask their permission or gain their approval for what I choose to do with my Facebook page, my blog, or my life. I listen to the Holy Spirit. I will repeat (as I have said numerous times before), I’m not saying I am always right but I do try to follow where God leads me. If you feel offended by my talking about strong or successful women, here’s a novel idea – don’t read it.