Oct. 11, 2016

One single flower - One single voice

One single flower brightens up a room. One single voice spoke the world into existence. A single voice cried from the cross in a sacrificial act that provides our eternal salvation. When that One Voice calls to us, to ignore it reflects disobedience. To embrace this voice affirms our love for Him and for others. What happens when our One Voice is in direct contrast to what someone else hears? Someone we love and cherish? Can we unite? Can love abide? Will love remain?

Regardless of whether we are one single flower bringing beauty to our surroundings or one single voice declaring His word and purpose to our tiny part of this struggling world, my voice will not be silenced.

I am the voice crying in the wilderness…

By Roni Archer

Can I apologize if I think you are wrong?

I cannot.

Do I hold it against you if we disagree?

I do not.

Can I pray for our relationship to heal?

I will.

Do I accept that it may never recover?

I do.


My ears are tuned in to His voice in me. You must determine whose voice you hear.

Does it make us unloving if we never reunite?

It does not.

Does it make us different and is that ok?

It does. It is.

Will I carry anger with me through the rest of my days?

I will not.

Will you?

That's your call to make.

Is it right to accept that sometimes we must allow others to go the wrong direction when we know the Right Way?

Jesus did; therefore, I must.

John 13:18-27

*The crayon drawing is entitled, "One single flower - One single voice" and is copyrighted along with this blogsite.