Oct. 10, 2016

My Fellow Americans


Someone private messaged me today and accused me of “not being very nice” and “attacking them from out of nowhere.”  Let’s make sure we are on the same page: I won’t pick a fight, but I won’t run from one either.

If you are my friend, Facebook and/or otherwise, I have said all year long that I encourage everyone to vote.  I have not endorsed a single candidate; not that my voice would matter to you because the majority of us are not Independent – we are either blatant or passive-aggressive party voters.

The information that has come to light over the past few days is a game-changer for me.

So, for those of you concerned about my spiritual welfare, my mental health, or my communication style, let me assure you that I am fine. Thank you for your concern because we both know your desire to point the finger of blame on me is a typical response from anyone who seeks to deflect fault from themselves. It’s a widely used political tactic and we’ve developed it by osmosis.

Here’s the difference between myself and most voters: I don’t care who you vote for. I don’t care whose cute little picture you put up on your wall. I don’t care how hateful you decide the Lord allows you to be. I do care if you think for one minute I am going to sit back and buy into the Evangelical lie that one of these candidates is better than the other. 

If you post it, expect a response from me. If you can’t handle a response, don’t post it or go ahead and unfriend me. I’m not going to quote scripture in my feeble attempt to make myself appear more righteous than others or to prove I am on the right side of this ridiculous farce. I am not going to post tacky pictures of some 20-something or 30-something year old women to justify a senior adult’s total lack of character and judgment. If you do it, you will hear from me.  If you can’t handle the response, again, unfriend me. (Just FYI – I didn’t vote for Bill Clinton and I will not vote for Donald Trump. I am a little concerned that the Republican Party diehards want to condemn one womanizer, but are more than eager to put another one on the top of their ticket.)

Truth is I hid the posts of my “I-am-right-and-facts-don’t-matter” friends a long, long time ago.

Am I being holier-than-thou, hateful, judgmental, cruel, ridiculous, hateful, or whatever word you want to use to make yourself feel better since I refuse to side with you? God hasn’t convinced me or convicted me of that but as I told Him yesterday during worship and continue to pray during my one-on-one prayer time with Him, if I am off base – I am all ears.  If you are off base, I’m going to point it out. Only if you post first.

Have a wonderful day knowing our Lord remains Sovereign even when His children lose control. Oh, and one other thing. I have discovered that when I am willing to search for His truth, I am set free. When I try to defend what I choose to see as truth or deny truth in a feeble attempt to make another person look better, I stay in turmoil.  You know what, the formula works every time.