Oct. 9, 2016

Christian Forgiveness


It’s been interesting over the past week to watch many posts from my fellow Believers regarding forgiveness.  Someone posted something along the lines of, “Forgiveness isn’t so much about your feelings towards the other person, but it helps make you feel a lot better.”  Another picture in a post said, “Forgiving doesn’t mean you agree with what someone did, you just aren’t willing to let it dictate your life any longer.”

Hello.  Am I crazy? How is forgiveness Christian-based when, once again, it’s all about “me?”

I believe we should follow God’s example of forgiveness.  There are steps that require: a) mercy; b) grace; and, c) forgiveness.

Mercy is God’s willingness to understand we are human. Grace is God’s effort to remind us that He is God. Forgiveness is when He combines both aspects of His personality and we learn something from His process.

Forgiveness is not playing stupid.  Forgiveness is not an attempt to make ourselves feel better. Forgiveness is the true and painful journey of our willingness to agree with God. It has nothing to do with anyone else around us. We realize our need and His love by accepting His forgiveness. We don’t make excuses. We don’t minimize or rationalize our personal behavior. We don’t blame someone else for a mistake we made. We don’t get angry because other people aren’t willing to forgive us, even if God is and already has. We understand forgiveness is an issue between God and ourselves involving us.

Certainly, we appreciate God’s grace and mercy while praying others will follow suit. Someday; not immediately. Someday. If they find it in their heart. We don’t demand it. We can’t demand it. Not even God demands that we ask Him for forgiveness.

Yes, I’ve been hearing a lot about forgiveness over the past few weeks. The issue has escalated over the past 48 hours.  Here is another interesting observation about Christians and forgiveness. Christians are willing to forgive if you are Republican.  However, if you are a woman and Democrat, we are going to make sure we beat the living daylights out of your character, history, dress, expressions, and many things that you may have had a “say in,” but you really had no control over.

That’s the other interesting aspect of Christian forgiveness. If you could prevent something, like…I don’t know….crudely talking about women when you were 59 years old, but you did it anyway, don’t worry. We’ll forgive you. That’s the Christian thing to do. After all, nobody’s perfect. Right?

If you could not prevent someone else from doing something wrong, too bad, lady…there is no way in Hell our Heavenly Father will allow us to forgive you.  Our hate is justified. Sorry. End of story.

For instance: Deaths in a foreign country – your fault if you are the leader. Words out of your own mouth? It’s okay. You’re just a man having a little “locker room” discussion.

Somehow we’ve even made Christian forgiveness a political issue.  And we wonder why faith isn’t spreading?  Oh, yea – that’s because of that crazy woman who caused all those people’s deaths in Libya. She is keeping us from doing our commissioned spiritual work. She is evil. Him? Forgiven. Her: evil. Him: human. Her: evil.

Forgiveness isn’t stupidity. Even God holds people accountable.  Remember, David and Bathsheba? The baby died.  

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