Oct. 8, 2016

Rather Unconventional

I keep hearing this is an unconventional election year. My thought is the “unconventionality” is the fact that two candidates have been allowed to get away with things that no one should be allowed to get away with if they want to run our country.

Regardless of which news station you watch or listen to, regardless of what newspaper you read, to put it mildly – if these two people are guilty of even ¼ of what they are accused of doing, they have entirely too much baggage to run our country.

Earlier in the week, I got my feelings hurt because I took a stand and people who are supposedly “Christians” came down on my with demeaning and belittling remarks. I ran and I hid. You see, that’s what I do.  Even when I am right; even when God calls me to a difficult task or to say some really difficult things, I allow other people to dictate how I feel about myself.

Well, that stops right now.  Do you hear me?  Do you get it?  No longer will I keep my voice silent because somebody out there that I care very much about doesn’t like what I am saying.  To put it bluntly, so sad; too bad.

Evangelical Christianity is a joke. Do you hear me? It is a joke! We are so busy mandating morality that we stopped evangelizing. It’s kind of hard to have an Evangelical awakening if the very people called to do the evangelical work stop working.

Mike Pence should be so uncomfortable tonight that he cannot sleep.  You – Christian brother or sister – should be so uncomfortable tonight that you cannot sleep. We are liars and the world knows it. We are willing to justify lewd, crude and immoral behavior just so our side wins.  Here’s the question – whose side are you on anyway?

In this unconventional election year – every single conventional Evangelical should be writing the RNC, calling the RNC, posting to the RNC and demanding that they do something about this fool they have running for President.  I don’t really care about Hillary Clinton, because quite frankly, she WILL be President if you – Evangelical Christian – do not take a stand and demand that the Republican Party pull this joker and put a ticket together that actually represents what they claim they believe. 

Whether you want to hear it or not, the only man on the stage during the VP debate that was being true to himself was Tim Kaine – rudeness and all.  Tim Kaine was standing for what Tim Kaine claims to believe and truly does believe.  Mike Pence looked so uncomfortable, as he should be, he looked depressed. But, you, Christian want to take to social media and talk about how Godly he is and how he “won the debate.”  He is destroying his witness.  Is that worth a debate win?  America will lose its soul, is that worth trying to stop Hillary Clinton? If you “love” Mike Pence – step up and hold him accountable!

Hillary Clinton should be your last concern.  We better get down on our knees and beg God to forgive us.  We have been filled with so much anger and hate that we are willing to vote for a jerk instead of standing up and saying, “You are not worthy to represent our party and you certainly are not worthy to run our country.”

Here’s a novel idea, Christian – instead of focusing your energy on seeing Hillary Clinton lose – why don’t you do something productive and demand the RNC not allow Donald Trump to run?

It’s too late? Can’t be done? Gee whiz, doubting Thomas, it is an unconventional election year. Why not put forth the effort to make it even more unconventional.  You and Mike Pence just might sleep better tonight.

I’d rather us lose an election than forfeit our Evangelical beliefs.