Oct. 6, 2016

Questioning Spirit

When You look at us, do we make You proud?

Or do we make You sigh?

When You think of us, do You smile?

Or do we make You cry?

Have we fulfilled what You’ve asked of us?

Or traveled our own way?

Do we talk more than we listen?

Can You hear us when we pray?

Do You seem to only hear our wants?

While praises are few and far between?

Do we live our life as if You don’t exist?

While on Sunday, we call You, “King?”

Is it back to the days of Noah

When we brought You such great regret?

Are You looking for that single righteous one?

Have You found him or her, yet?

When You watch us, do You see anything

That makes You really proud?

Are we still Your people?

Or are we disavowed?

If Satan is a lion roaming and seeking to devour,

Will You be there, Lord, to help us in our darkest hour?

Do You ever regret Your promise to never leave us or forsake us?

Do You regret Your decision on free will?

Do You ever want to break us?

Does it anger You when You watch us condemn, judge and belittle others?

Do You want to yell down from Your throne, “Remember – you are sisters and brothers!”

If it’s true and we belong to You then You are our Family Tree.

You are the Vine and we are Your branches.

We know You died to set us free.

Have we returned Your love and favor?

Do we bring You glory?

Are You ready to throw Your hands in the air and put an end to this whole story?

You promised You would not return until everyone has heard.

What happens when we are preoccupied and forget to spread Your word?

Will You give up?

Will You return?

Will You be disappointed once again?

Will anyone be left standing as You declare, “Time is up. The is the end!”

We pray, O Lord, You will forgive - understanding we are weak.

We pray, O Lord, we will be quiet long enough to hear You speak.

We pray, O Lord, we will return to You - putting all foolishness aside.

We pray, O Lord, You will return to us - reminding us that we are allies.

Turn Your face to us, O Lord!

Please do not look away!

We cry out to only You, O Lord!

May today be our redemption day!

My questioning spirit does not doubt You, Lord.

I am questioning those we call Your Church.

Isn’t it true that You, O Lord, want to see a piece of Heaven here – on earth?

Where is this Heaven?

Where are Your people?

Why are they so hard to find?

When we put aside our foolishness,

Then, and only then, will Your glory shine.

We are distracted.

Forgive us, Lord.

Return us to Yourself.

If You decide to punish us,

We can only blame ourselves.

For it isn’t a system that saves us, Lord.

It isn’t money, power or fame.

Our True Savior is Your Son, O Lord.

It’s HIS name we must proclaim.

Call unto Your Church, O Lord.

Summon Your saints again.

Shut our mouths from proclaiming anyone else

Besides You, O Lord, as

Our Savior.

Our King.

Our Friend.

There isn’t a single leader that can save us from spiritual decay.

It isn’t a single leader’s fault this world has gone astray.

The saddest truth above all else is that we abandoned You.

It’s our failure that Your message was somehow misconstrued.

Until we admit it; until we confess it

It’s Your children that are held liable.

Unless we admit it; unless we confess it

We will continue this downward spiral.

In this election, O Lord, I do not doubt Your Spirit.

I’m questioning the motives of those, dear Lord,

Who refuse to allow You to steer it.

Although we demand, “In God we trust,”

Our actions reveal

Our trust…

Is in us.

*Poetry and the artwork, “Thee Vine,” are both copyrighted along with this blogsite.