Sep. 21, 2016


It doesn’t matter that she’s pretty and sweet.

When she looks in the mirror, that’s not what she sees.

She can’t seem to see what everyone knows.

She is as delicate and fine as a long-stem red rose.

I often wonder if we are looking in the same mirror.

It gets much worse with age – she doesn’t see any clearer.

What we see in ourselves as lacking and plain,

God sees as special – He calls us by name!

Women have a way of focusing on what looks less-than-perfect.

Jesus died for you – THAT makes you worth it!

Look far past the days when you discover a blemish.

Find your worth knowing you’re made in God’s image.

Let’s teach little girls to concentrate on their souls.

That will keep their self-image intact as they grow old.

*Poetry and the artwork entitled, "Self Image," are both copyrighted along with this blogsite.