Sep. 19, 2016

Broader View

My devotional this morning was taken from Psalm 72:1. The verse talks about how important God’s righteousness and His justice are in our lives. A hungry spiritual soul will long for these things. The author of the devotional shared, “The more we practice justice and godly righteousness, the more we point others to Jesus.”

Think about that.

Christians have a tendency to sit comfortably in our beliefs as opposed to being willing to allow God to show us His bigger picture. The refusal to “know” more is our refusal to grow more in our spiritual lives. If our ideas are not challenged on a daily basis, we really need to get out more often. I taught bible studies for over 25 years and would always say, “If we do not leave every spiritual meeting as a deeper thinker and having a broader view, our leader has not failed to do their job. It just might be that our spiritual eyes and spiritual ears fell asleep along life’s path. Wake up!”

I encourage us to stop merely standing on what we were taught as children, what we might think as adults, what makes us feel most comfortable as a church-goer, or what makes the most sense with our limited insight  We might just surprise ourselves that He is actually bigger than our small ideas.

God sees our growth potential. Man, on the other hand, tries to paint and present life in black-and-white thinking only. Christian, think green for GROWTH!

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