Sep. 18, 2016

Shredded Flag

 “All your ways may be straight in your own eyes, but it is the Lord who weighs hearts.” Proverbs 21:2

I find myself refusing to gather facts but wanting to control conversations instead. I share my opinions whether or not they are knowledge-based or self-righteous rhetoric. I think of myself as I speak instead of bathing my words in compassion. I look through my own eyes while shutting my eyes to what goes on around me.

Facebook has turned into a cesspool of complaining and criticism.  It’s curious to note how much time we spend putting our country down as compared to the time we spend helping to build it up. We worry about our children. We apparently do not worry enough to do something positive for their futures. America is unraveling from the inside out, but we continue to take sides and argue as opposed to working together to discover real solutions.

While I understand freedom of speech is important, freedom of religion is vital and freedom of the press is essential to a free democracy, I also understand that it is foolish to take any of these to the extreme. I cannot demand my freedom while denying someone else theirs. Freedom doesn’t give us permission to hurt or disrespect anyone. I find myself demanding to have my say while refusing to listen to what others want to say.

I think it is obvious that our continued argument about what our flag represents is evidence of a country whose people lack respect for each other, for those who protect us, and towards our history. We don’t improve our future by attacking one another. How might we change the future if we built upon lessons learned from the past as opposed to stacking the deck against ourselves? We are a country of arrogant souls who have no clue just how lost we are, all the while pretending to have all the answers for our entire world.

Were our forefathers sinful? Yes; as are each of us. We are so quick to point out what they did wrong not understanding our children will also turn on us. They will do so simply because they are following our example for contempt. Children learn what they live.

I am not disillusioned by our flag, our history or our democracy. I am disappointed that standing together under our flag, valuing our history, and upholding our democracy are being replaced by self-pity and self-righteousness. The American spirit is dying because Americans are slowly suffocating it.

All the while we beg God to save us.

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