Sep. 17, 2016

Light to Lies and Back Again

When something doesn’t feel right, it usually isn’t right. The secular world refers to this phenomenon as “conscience.” The world of Christianity refers to it as the “Holy Spirit.” I choose to believe and operate under the conviction that there is something much bigger than what is seen by the human eye. I choose to believe that there is a spiritual realm around us. If we require facts to embrace this spiritual realm, we do not understand true faith.

I find myself separated from God when I try to live outside of His teachings. Whether we call it conscience or not, the Holy Spirit reaches out to get our attention and gently leads us back to God. Our God is gentle. He doesn’t demand our allegiance. He desires a relationship with us.

When I feel lost, I begin to trace my steps back to the last time I felt I was living in God’s will. I start over from there. In some cases this turnaround is a physical move. More often than not, turning around requires a spiritual shift. I move out of selfishness and into spiritual surrender. I actually enjoy the Holy Spirit teaching me when I am wrong because with each lesson comes more of God’s love; love for me to embrace and love for me to give out to others.

An intimate relationship with Christ builds purpose for our lives. Once we experience God’s loving nature, we understand that He calls us as a witness to His love and His sacrifice for everyone. Yielding to His leading actually brings more power to our lives. Spiritual immaturity sees yielding as loss of power. Yielding allows His power to move us forward. Yielding doesn’t automatically indicate we understand what’s going on around us, but we understand He surrounds us and there is no reason to fear.

The artwork pictured here came from the Spirit’s message to my heart when I felt I got off track and God felt far away. The first block of the drawing reflects spiritual health. It’s that mixture of His light in our life and our desire to move with Him; not against Him. During those times I step into self-fulfillment, my life becomes this hard-to-understand maze. In this confused state, there is more of me and less of Him operating in my life. The more I struggle, the bigger the maze and the greater my confusion.

Unless or until I turn around and move back into alignment with His will for my life, my bland existence begins to see Satan’s darkness attempt to infiltrate my life. God’s will is unclear and difficult to decipher. Although I know I am not spiritually lost during these times, I feel lost spiritually. My soul is secure; however, my faith is unstable.

The interesting thing God revealed to me about my painting is that with one tiny movement, simply turning the painting around, my testimony then becomes moving out of Satan’s lies and back into harmony with Him.

John 18:9, “This was to fulfill what he had said, I have not lost any of those you gave me.”

*The artwork entitled, “Light to Lies,” is copyrighted along with this blogsite.