Sep. 16, 2016

All Eyes

It’s as if the whole world is watching

Your life with a bird’s eye view.

Exposing your deepest, darkest pain;

You feel all eyes are on you.

You fear they’ve told your secrets.

You find you’re feeling blue.

No one can make your pain go away

When you feel their eyes on you.

Regardless of how friends say it;

Regardless of what friends do;

When your life is in transition,

You feel all eyes on you.

You find yourself so lonely….

You want a moment or two.

But then you’re part of a maddening crowd

Still feeling all eyes on you.

Words can’t explain your turmoil.

One thing you know is true –

What really, really matters

Is He has His eyes on you.

You no longer feel so abandoned

You know you can make it through

As long as your Father is watching

They will see Jesus in you.

Somehow knowing you are His witness

Whether or not you sit in a pew,

Those who need hope will find it

Watching Jesus be Jesus in you.

*Poetry and the artwork entitled, "All Eyes On You," are both copyrighted along with this blogsite.