Sep. 15, 2016

Do you hear what I hear?

I’ve written a great deal about “seeing.”  I’ve written about how each one of us have a different set of eyes, different prescriptions for glasses, and have a different set of lenses when viewing life. I haven’t talked much about hearing. Yet, Jesus talked a great deal about hearing.  Possibly because a) we cannot believe everything we see, and b) the mind sees; the soul hears.

Are you listening? What do you hear?

Americans, all Americans, focus entirely too much on negativity, in my opinion. We focus on what’s wrong in our eyes and how history failed us by what we see. We seem to totally disregard the reality that none of us can go back and do anything over. Life doesn’t offer “do-overs.” We have a choice – learn from the past and move on OR rehash it until our past is pure mush. Mush isn’t very nourishing and certainly cannot sustain life over the long haul.

I believe we are killing one another emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically with an on slot of negativity. Christians are no different, in my opinion. And, for what? To prove ourselves right? That isn’t very righteous, Christian.

This is one of those blogs that my faithful blog readers will respond, “You’re preaching to the choir, Roni! We know about all of this stuff.”

No, actually I am preaching to myself. I know a lot of stuff that I never put into practice.

Do you hear what I hear? God speaks throughout nature, through other people, through sermons and songs, and God speaks to our spirits. The question isn’t, “Does God speak?” The real question is, “Does Roni listen?”

I love to read 1 Samuel 3. I especially love this tiny phrase, “the word of the Lord was scarce and vision infrequent.” Sound familiar?  In order to answer, you have to be listening.

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