Sep. 14, 2016 think you can dance?


Something amazing happened this week on TV. Something that restores my hope in America’s ability to examine, observe, decide and vote with their hearts and minds. America got it right.

No, I am not talking about a political election although I do believe America will get it right in November. I am talking, once again, about one of my favorite shows, “So You Think You Can Dance.” Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

I thought America would go for the shoe-in, a professionally-trained beautiful young girl with her emotional dances and her unbelievable leg lifts. Nope. America didn’t pick the shoe-in.

Part of me hoped that the smallest dancer would win because he certainly won our hearts this season. The kid can dance but he is also a cutie-patootie. I must admit that I went into the finale of this season rooting for the little cutie-patootie. He was my personal favorite. Mainly because he and his mentor lit up the stage with talent, emotion and a touching story each and every time they danced together.

But, the longer the final show played, the more I felt in my heart that the real talent was a dancer that really didn’t have much of a chance. He was the unsung hero; the dark horse; the least obvious selection. He is a self-taught dancer and a young man willing to try anything they threw at him despite his lack of formal training. When asked to choreograph on his own, at the young age of fourteen, Kida came through big time. While his dance may not be everyone’s dance style, there is no denying that it was an amazing dance!

As this season’s final began to wind down and slowly eliminated dancer #4, dancer #3, and came down to the top two dancers, I felt my heart say, “While the little guy is cute, Kida deserves to win.”

And, he did!

Everyone was shocked, glad, excited, amazed, crying, shocked (oh, yea, I already said shocked). It was amazing (oh, yea, I keep saying amazing!).

America got it right. My faith in my fellow citizens is somehow restored based on a silly dance show. America got it right. We can trust people to lean one way, but to choose the right way when push comes to shove. Through all the hate, through all the turmoil, despite the disagreements and differences of opinion – Americans know in their hearts when to do the right thing and I truly believe the majority of Americans will do it. I may not agree with the choice, but that doesn’t make America wrong. It just makes me a sore loser.