Sep. 13, 2016


I am often reminded, “Things change.” I constantly read, “The world is changing.” I am told our society is undergoing a major shift in beliefs.

Something happened to me over the course of a few months that I really can’t describe. I believe there is a part of me that accepts change and moves forward. I find a part of me dreading change as I observe the world around me and ask, “Is this good change, God, or is it bad?”

Change is inevitable. One thing we can depend on is change. Change isn’t always for the good, but it certainly isn’t always bad. Making our way through change is a journey and is typically a painful one. Some of us like change more than others, but most of us accept the fact that things will change with each passing day. Fighting change is exhausting. Faith lets go.

Change escalates as we grow older. What a gift it would be if the Lord would send a letter giving us the exact date, time, place and manner of our death. Somedays I ask myself, “If I knew this was my very last day on earth, what would I want to do with it?” I usually take a nap because, quite frankly, my own demise is difficult to wrap my head around.

Have I done enough to influence those around me? Have I missed out on doing something that I was meant to do? Do my loved ones know how deeply I love them? Is God pleased?

While some of you reading this will find the thoughts morbid, I encourage you to do a personal inventory of your own life and how you spend your time. We don’t need to walk around thinking we’re going to die. We do need to behave in a way that we understand time will eventually stand still by making the most of every moment we are given and focusing on eternity.

A very good friend of mine went to bed last week and never woke up. Knowing her the way I knew her makes me understand that she lived each day understanding it could be her last day. Who has the better quality of life – the one who lives the longest or the one who lives their life to the fullest?

“Just as man is appointed to die once, and after that to face judgment.” Hebrews 9:27

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