Sep. 11, 2016

Sinking Sand

The lesson in humility is never, ever fun. 

It seems my God works and works 

But His work is never done. 

Just when I think I’ve mastered it, 

The “real me” comes pouring out. 

I wish I’d learn to let things go 

Instead of thinking I must pout. 

It seems in certain circumstances 

Love and patience overflow. 

But, then there are those circumstances 

My pride begins to show. 

What’s sad is I can never take back 

What comes flowing from my lips. 

Worse yet, if it’s in writing – 

My words forever live. 

I’ve tried to ask myself, 

“Why is humility so hard?” 

After all, humility really is 

What birthed our loving Lord. 

His sacrifice is so much greater 

Then what I will ever face. 

He remains faithful, despite my sin, 

Showering me with His amazing grace. 

Next time…each time, I feel my rebellion on the rise 

I’ll try to stop and take a breath 

Rejecting all of Satan’s lies. 

I can’t figure out why it started. 

I really don’t know when…. 

I never meant to allow it – 

The pride just crashes in. 

What starts out as simple sarcasm 

Turns into so much more. 

Now I find myself fighting 

An all-out spiritual war! 

Jesus came to love and live. 

He gave His life for man. 

Unless I yield and follow Him, 

My life is sinking sand. 

I want to be like Peter 

But I’m more like Paul inside. 

With this gift of teaching 

Comes the curse of constant pride. 

I know He created me. 

His love and words are true. 

I feel Him tugging at my heart – 

“Humble yourself, Roni. 

In due time, I will exalt you.” 

*Poetry and the artwork entitled, "Sinking Sand," are both covered under the copyright of this blogsite.