Sep. 8, 2016

Is there a difference between being loving, Liberal, and entirely too loose?

Some of the sweetest people I know fall into the category of, “Liberal.” Many of them are missionaries, pastors, pastors’ wives, social workers in high-risk neighborhoods, young parents, young people, and overall wonderful folks. They just look at life through a different lens.

I’ve stated more than once that I can actually sit in the middle of the political spectrum and see truth, justice and love on both sides. I must admit (you know me and my blunt honesty) that my Conservative friends seem angry more often than they seem loving and accepting.  But, here is what I am noticing more and more lately: my loving and Liberal friends seem to cross the line between “loving acceptance” by shifting over to a “loose mentality.”

Are we heard to judge? Absolutely not! God is the One and Only Righteous Judge. Are we here to condemn? Absolutely not! Jesus did not come into the world to condemn it but rather to offer spiritual salvation. But, let me ask you this – If nothing is sin, why did Jesus have to die on the cross?

Are we here to say, “You’re okay; I’m okay?” Certainly – to a point. To a certain extent, we must examine our own heart before diving into the hearts of others.

If we look at Matthew 7:1 and we remember John 3:17, where does the Bible draw the line on a moral code of ethics?  Easy. Does it point to Jesus? Does it glorify God? If the answer to one or both of those questions is “no,” then our “Liberal” thinking has moved into dangerously loose spiritual territory.

Allow me to provide two examples: 

-The good friend involved in a ten year long affair despite the fact she is living a life at church and in her community pretending to be holy and righteous.

-The Christian leader who refuses to confront sin as it is defined in the Bible in fear of losing half of his congregation. 

A Christian friend who is willing to stand by and watch another friend destroy her family isn’t as concerned with upholding Christ’s teaching on marriage and faithfulness as she is on keeping a friend. No one and no action should interfere with our personal relationship with God. Do we disown the friend? Absolutely not! Do we confront the friend? Absolutely. Can we say, “Nathan the Prophet?”

The Christian leader that is catering so heavily to Millennials that he stops serving up healthy portions of God’s word isn’t helping anyone. (I use “he” simply in conversation, but realize it could very well be “she.”) This leader isn’t helping their church. They aren’t helping their own personal witness. I believe this type of leader is not honoring God’s call by ignoring God’s word. What’s even worse is this type of Christian leader isn’t helping confused souls. They are attempting to mask sin, which winds up creating a deeper separation from God.

So, where do we draw the line between being loving, Liberal, and too loose? We draw it straight across our hearts. If we love God, we stand up for righteousness. If we love others, we stand up against sin for their sakes.

How do we define sin? Oh, no….I’m not going to let you off the hook that easy. Read God’s word. Let Him define it for you.

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