Aug. 31, 2016









I want to save you from all of the pain.

I want to hold you and make everything change.

I want to protect you from all of life’s harms.

I want to keep you within my own arms.

I want to hold your hand all of the day.

I want to help you know what to say.

I want to require that life always be fair.

I want to assure you that everyone cares.

I want to smile whenever you’re low.

I want to tell all of the problems to go.

I want you to know that I’m always here.

I want to take away all of your fears.

I want to make your life happier with smiles.

I want to just hold you and sit for a while.

I want to remind you of the sweetness He gave you.

I need Him to remind me that I really can’t save you.

He is your God and He is your King.

He will protect you through all of these things.

*Poetry and the artwork entitled, "Protection," is copyrighted by the author/artist and this blog site.