Aug. 19, 2016

The Joy in Tragedy

September 11, 2001 changed our world forever. Our nation lost its innocence. From that point on, we began to look upon everyone as a possible threat to our way of life; a threat to our freedom. So many lives lost…everyday people just going to work doing everyday things. First Responders doing what they were train to do and what they do best – they responded to a great need and offered up the greatest of sacrifices. 

Despite 9/11 being such a sad and horrific point in our nation’s history, the tragedy birthed joy. Our country united. Our government united. People stopped being a certain race, a certain religion or a certain political party. We became one America, united as we should be every day. 

When we go through difficult times, it seems impossible to find joy in the tragedy. I typically want God to answer my prayers my way. I am still not mature enough to obediently accept it when He has other plans in mind for me. Regardless of how old I get, I do not lose my “little child” tendency with my Heavenly Father. Sometimes I pout. Sometimes I cry. Sometimes I go to the room of my heart and slam its door. I must admit I am bucking His will less and less. There is something beautiful in praying and releasing the outcome to Jesus. 

What would happen if all of God’s people acted like God’s children? What would happen if we had one day in the year that we loved unconditionally, stopped our condemning attitudes, and silenced our words of judgement on others? What would happen if the Universal Church truly united under God living out the life He hopes each of us will live for Him? What would happen? 

We’d find much more joy despite our tragedies. We’d be exactly what He hoped for from the very beginning of time. We would be His faithful children willing to walk with their Faithful Father trusting Him to take care of us no matter what comes our way. 

We’d be His people and He would be our God. And, perhaps, we’d live like we believe it. 

“I will walk among you, and I will be your God, and you shall be My people.”  Leviticus 26:12