Aug. 4, 2016

The Simplicity of it All

I wish our lives were simple.

I envy those who see it that way.

One friend says, “I vote Pro-Life.”

That’s all she needs to say.

One woman juror in the O.J. trial

Was asked to explain everything.

Her answer was quite simple,

“It’s payback for Rodney King.”

My white and sheltered naïve friends

Have simple advice for the BLM.

Their opinions are always cut and dry.

They’re experts – just ask them.

The Bible teaches that everyone

Made in God’s image is His temple.

Is that what we see in one another?

I wish it were that simple.

Complex problems create complexity.

The tension cannot be denied.

I often wonder, “Can we just let go?”

I don’t think we’ve even tried.

I believe there is one great big thing

Which is reasonable to expect.

Much of the complexity could be resolved

Simply by showing respect.

*Poetry and the artwork entitled, "Faces in a Crowd," are copyrighted along with this blogsite.