Jul. 25, 2016

Tell me again...what do I think?


I love it when people put words into my mouth that were never really there in the first place. You would have to be dead or a non-Facebooker to not know that tensions are boiling on social media.

We have the BLM issue. We have the RNC and the DNC. I can't say the words and must use abbreviations or the fury is released! So, let’s just whisper initials: BLM, RNC, DNC, O-K-A-Y?

I really do not have a problem with people saying how they feel. If I feel they are being kind of goofy (a better word than flat out dumb), I simply hide their posts.  If I feel they repeatedly act totally goofy, I eventually throw out my own two cents worth. And, by the way, that’s about all my opinion is worth – two cents.  Of course, factoring in inflation, it’s more like one cent. I donate one cent of input to the garbage talk on Facebook. Why? Because it can be really enlightening to see how the human mind works. Or doesn’t.

Guess what? Police unions are not going to support BLM. Duh. Democrats are not going to agree with the RNC. Another, “duh” moment.  (See why my opinion is only worth one penny?)

Shocker here: Republicans are not going to engage with DNC rhetoric.  I know….shocking, isn’t it?

Here is what really gets to me. Get ready – you are going to get $.5 because it is, after all, my blog site.

When I speak as a woman and some man chimes in to tell me I shouldn’t believe as I believe, kind of gets my goat. When I speak as a mother and some dude under the age of 30 wants to tell me how I should really feel as a 58-year-old mother, makes me laugh. When I speak as a military mom and someone wants to tell me how wrong I am when that person has absolutely no children or family currently serving in today’s military? I just want to say….well, I don’t say it or that would be $1.00’s worth of opinion.

Then, when you try to cut off your one-cent worth of input and these angry Facebook addicts begin chasing you down to reiterate how you need to think differently, I am tempted to post: “Dude, get a life, O-K-A-Y?”

If I post as a friend and someone decides to tell me how bad my friends are, uh….hello.  Do you know my friends? If I explain the rationale behind my thoughts and someone wants to criticize me for thinking differently than they do, it’s simple - I use them in my blog.

How do you think this entire stressful situation would be different if we actually listened to one another or, hey, here’s a novel idea: Change the subject.

We will get along when we decide we want to be together. As long as we don’t want to stand together, we will all need to go to our separate corners and stay there. Consider this $5.00 worth of my opinion.