Jul. 24, 2016

Blue Days


*Dedicated to all the men and women in law enforcement. Your bravery is long remembered. To the BLM movement, I humbly ask: choose love. Love is the loudest, strongest message any heart can hear. When you reach a heart, you change a person. Forever.

**Poetry and artwork by this author/artist is copyrighted under this blog site.    

It was a day like all the others.

Before I kissed my wife goodbye,

She smiled and asked, “How do you want your eggs?”

My answer was, “I want them fried.”

It was a day like all the others.

My kids were sleeping in.

Little did I know that

I’d never see them all again.

It was a day like all the others.

At the station, our shift arrived.

We received our patrol shift briefing

And then we went outside.

It was a day like all the others.

The phones began to ring.

Commands came over the radios.

Our sirens began to sing.

It was a day like all the others.

I headed down that way.

As I found myself drawing closer,

The bullets began to spray.

Suddenly, the day grew very dark.

Darker than I’d ever seen before.

My comrades lay wounded and dying

In blood pools on the floor.

I knew I had to step right in;

I had a job to do.

As with many other days,

I wasn’t sure I’d make it through.

I approached the scene of danger.

It was then I saw his face.

He looked so lost and lonely.

What was he doing in this place?

I called for him to drop his gun!

That’s when I saw him turn his head.

It was a day like no other day.

It didn’t matter what I said.

I called to him just once more.

His eyes stared blankly, straight ahead.

He didn’t seem to care at all

Some were wounded. Some were dead.

It was a day like all the others.

Fear, like a blanket, came over me.

I knew I had to do my job

In hopes some would go free.

It was a moment that changed a single day.

This man was crazed, spinning all around!

I kept wondering, “What should I say?”

I heard a shot…my body fell to the ground.

As I lay, taking my last breath,

My kids flashed across my mind.

I was losing blood. I was dying fast.

I wish I’d had more time.

“Sir, why this day? Why these men?

What did we ever do to you?

We were simply here to help

Every person – even you.”

The light, the world was fading fast.

There was nothing more for me to try.

I closed my eyes and took one last breath.

Knowing my family would be left asking, “Why?”

It’s becoming days like too many others

Where the blue clashes with the black.

Our spirit and nation is bruised deeply

How can we possibly bring peace back?

Father, we pray there will be fewer dark days

So that the blue can stand fearless once again.

Father, we need you to calm us.

Please no more bloodshed, Lord. Amen.

- Roni Archer, July 24, 2016