Jul. 22, 2016

An Open Letter to our 2016 Republican Presidential Ticket:

Dear Mr. Trump and Governor Pence,

I am one of the many Independent votes that you are soliciting. I will admit to you that I didn’t watch every second (or even many minutes) of the Republican National Convention. This is one of many practices from “old Washington” that I, as a voter and TV fan, hope our parties will end. Truthfully, what is its purpose? To get those who support you to support you more? I will say the same thing to Mrs. Clinton when I write her open letter after the just-as-silly Democratic National Convention.

Your selection of guests certainly was a list of who’s who. I could not help but notice who in the who’s who list was not there. Unfortunately, the Republicans I respect the most stayed home. How sad.

Your family was a nice touch. I am sorry that you and your wife trusted a friend and not a trained speech writer. It appears that trust was misplaced. You might call President George W. Bush and talk about trusting the wrong people. He has some experience with that heartache. As innocent as it may seem to some, as a writer plagiarism is not acceptable and not appropriate. A trained writer would know that although I realize the world of politics doesn’t play by the same rules. I am certain you realize that now, don’t you Mr. Trump? You might want to ask fellow Republican Ted Cruz about that phenomenon. He apparently did not get a copy of the “new Washington” rule book.

I am so glad your children spoke highly of you. It would have been really embarrassing for you and uncomfortable for us if your children got up and spoke badly of you. I’m not certain anyone expected your children to speak badly of you. Again, I don’t get the purpose or see the meaning behind parading your children as your supporters. Let’s hope to high Heaven they do support you but how do they fit into the picture for those of us trying to decide whom to vote for in this very controversial election?

I will admit to you that I did watch portions of your acceptance speech. Again, another practice of the conventions that is confusing. I mean the very fact one wins the nomination of their party prior to the convention seems to be the best timing for an acceptance speech. Unless, that is, you want to take advantage of parading “stars” across the stage like Scott Baio. Man, it was great to hear from him after all these years. Now tell me again why we need to listen to Scott Baio? How is he helping solve the problems of our country? At least he didn’t talk to a chair <wink wink>.

Actually, Mr. Trump, I want to make an overall statement under my rights found in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that covers free speech. Here is what it says: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” (Just making sure you remember that “religion” part.)

You aren’t being very “new Washington.” I mean, yea, you ran an unconventional campaign, you shocked most of us, insulted a lot of us, you brought out all those new votes (that kind of scares me – where did they come from?), and you asked those two fresh faces, Newt Gingrich and Chris Christie, to speak on your behalf. With that being said, it appears to me that you fell into the “old Washington” behavior by making many, many promises most of which you cannot possibly deliver.

Please allow me to list those areas I do support you and ask for you to cover “how” you will solve these monumental problems in the months ahead: (I’m listening, Mr. Trump.)

Making America great again – while I don’t like your thought process or the slogan, I do like the fact that you are calling it “America” and not selecting certain people, socio-economic groups, specific religions, or races….uh, wait…never mind. I think you kind of divide America with your own words, Mr. Trump.  However, I have to tell you that my family has conducted many missions projects overseas personally and by supporting missionaries financially and I believe the rest of the world will tell you that America is already great. I’m sorry you don’t feel it is, Mr. Trump. Can it get better? You betcha! Should we shout, condemn, isolate, judge, and pout in order to make it better? That’s kind of where you lose me, Mr. Trump.

Examining immigration – again, I like the concept because everything needs improvement from time to time but I’m just not sure you worded it or have the compassionate attitude I had hoped to hear from you. I realize your followers laugh or get mad (which you have empowered them to do, by the way), but some of your conversations sound a lot like….am I going to say it? Do I dare? Yes, I do, Mr. Trump – Hitler. I recently toured Israel and visited their Holocaust Museum. Please do so in the very near future. I believe you will see why those of us more accepting of America’s cultural diversity sees a direct correlation and many similarities. 

Balancing out the Supreme Court – here, Mr. Trump, is the one issue where you have my 100% full support. We cannot allow the Court to lean to one side or the other. Is that your plan, Mr. Trump? Are you going to balance the Supreme Court in order to be fair to all Americans? Because pandering to special interests groups, your identifiable religion or certain philosophies is “old Washington,” Mr. Trump. We know you want to move away from “old Washington.” So, give me some examples: whom might you nominate?

Create jobs – another issue that I agree with you on, Mr. Trump. Can you just kind of hint how you plan to do that before I vote in November?  Thank you.

Unite America – uh, gotta tell ya….you haven’t been real successful with this one, Mr. Trump.  Did you fire up your base at the RNC? Yes. But, Mr. Trump, I expected that to happen because people are loyal to parties more than they are committed to convictions. Mr. Trump, you are one of the most divisive candidates I have experienced since my first vote in 1976. Mr. Trump, you don’t listen. You talk. And talk. And talk. And talk. (What’s up with that? A 75-minute “acceptance” speech that talks a lot about what you don’t like, those you don’t like, and how you plan to make it different but WITH NO REAL PLAN?) 

To close, Mr. Trump, because I don’t want to “speak” for too long because, well, people kind of turn you off after a certain amount of time. I have one and only one question for Governor Pence: Where were you a year ago, sir?