Jul. 19, 2016

Batter up...SWING!

I never want to say, “Do you know who you are talking to?” because I realize it sounds totally egotistical. But, I must admit I have been tempted to post it a few times and respond to political rhetoric with it more times than I care to count.

I am a) Caucasian, b) Female, c) College-educated, d) an Evangelical Christian, and e) an Independent. You do realize my “type” determines elections, right?

It isn’t that we carry any certain power, but we do provide influence in just about every election held in this country.

So….next time you want to tell me I am stupid, please remember that I will help determine the next President of the United States of America. White, female, college-educated, Evangelical Christian Independents are the fastest growing arm of what is referred to as the “swing vote.” If you don’t believe me, research just about all of the exit polls conducted after the latest primaries. Also, look at some of the Associated Press’ findings when forecasting the effect of white, college-educated women on the 2016 Presidential Election. It’s a harsh reality – women own the country.  Just kidding. Or am I? Hmmm.

If you don’t know me, please do not think that your condemnation of my thoughts or opinions is going to make me more likely to swing your way. If you do know me and want to debate my knowledge on certain political subjects, then don’t become offended when I share the “other side of the story.”

You do realize there is always another side to the story, right?

Let me ask you this: If you knew you were part of the group that helped determine elections and you simply wanted to voice your perspective and one side always demeaned and belittled you while the other side asked, “Tell me more about why you feel that way,” which side would you most likely lean to when you walked in a voting booth?

The right side? Is there one? The righteous side? Is there one? The effective side? Is there one?

I stand on the side of Jesus and most often move to the side that best reflects His character and His personality based on my perspective. That’s really what you need from me is my perspective. Well, that is, only if you want your side to win.

So, who do I plan to vote for come November? I am not quite sure, yet. I am leaning towards one over the others, but you never know….I just might SWING!