Jul. 10, 2016

"Whose side are you on?" and other ridiculous questions...


Until Americans are willing to have difficult conversations, America will not improve.

This is going to be a very angry blog. My apologies. I would really rather write about uplifting and inspiring topics, but what I am witnessing on Facebook angers me to the point that – well, it’s my blog so I get to write what I want. You have rights, too. So if you don’t want to read my blog, it is very simple – click the “X” at the top, right-hand corner of your computer screen or simply close it on your device and you don’t have to read my thoughts.

Someone asked me today, “Whose side are you on?” Seriously? Seriously! If you don’t know by now, I am on God’s side. Period.

I am not on the side that killed the police officers in Dallas when those very police officers were high-fiving and interacting with the protestors on the streets they patrol. Nope. Not on that guy’s side. Now I am sad to hear he is an Army veteran who was discharged with multiple issues, one being suspected mental illness. However, the current state of our over-used and burned out military is not why I am angry. I’ll save that for another day.

I am not on the side of the rioters who take protests too far. I haven’t met anyone who is, but some seem to think I am. Many of my Facebook friends act as if we must choose between supporting the police OR supporting those who are simply asking questions about why some of the killings by police officers had to happen. I am mad that we have a culture that police officers might panic and shoot too soon OR, worse yet, hesitate too long fearing somebody’s cell camera is rolling. I am also angry that we have a society where our black males do not trust the police. That makes me angry. Those two issues make me equally angry.

But, do you want to know what really hacks me off? Really? The Christians who are willing to play one side against the other or both sides against the middle. If you do not have anything redemptive to say, please do not add fuel to this fire.

I know…many of you reading this are going to say, “Well, practice what you preach.” Most of you saying those words or thinking those thoughts thrive on FOX News, so allow me to coin their slogan, “Fair and balanced.” I encourage you to go back and look at anything I have posted. My desire, our role, is to point to Christ as Savior. NOT a political candidate, not a certain profession, not an organization, when will Christian America learn – the problem is us. The solution is us.

When we begin to look at and love people through our Father’s eyes, we will allow the questions, voice our feelings, and find solutions. We won’t believe that you have to choose one side or another. We'll stop posting volatile sayings on Facebook. We will understand that life is tough; simple answers are insulting and finger pointing is stupid. Yea, I said it – if you are pointing fingers – you are being STUPID.

Who gives me the “authority” to say this? His name is Jesus Christ and He lived His life and died a terrible death all for the cause of redemption. He lived His life trying to level the playing field. He lived His life loving others – even those  who didn’t get Him at all.

Stand for Jesus or please - sit down.