Jul. 8, 2016


I am told that saying the word, “Don’t” has a negative connotation and discourages the listener. 

Well, let’s experiment; shall we?

Don’t keep dancing with a crazy person; you’ll just stay dizzy.

Don’t remain on a dead end train unless you want a dead-end life.

Don’t stay on the merry-go-round and wonder why you aren’t making progress.

Don’t believe everything you’re told just because someone you love says it.

Don’t go through life with blinders on; the panoramic view is much brighter than tunnel vision.

Don’t call people names unless you are calling them by name.

Don’t say “all,” “every”, “never,” or “always” unless you are stating opinion; extremes are rarely reality.

Don’t form an opinion in its entirety with half the story.

Don’t pick fights; take stands.

Don’t quote scripture unless you are living proof of that scripture.

Don’t say, “God told me,” unless God told you.

Don’t confuse repentance for sin with the regret of getting caught in a sin.

Don’t question feelings; confront facts.

Don't lie or you'll just keep lying and so on and so on and so on....

Don’t argue with someone wanting to insist they are right; share with those wanting to grow and learn more.

Don’t point a finger unless you are willing to lend a hand.

Don’t hang around negative people unless your goal is to be a negative person.

Don’t ignore God; you’ll eventually have to face Him.

Are you depressed or discouraged by my “don’ts?” Well, don’t be!