Jul. 7, 2016

Growing in Grace...

God forgives you; so should I.

Instead I focus on your lies.

God forgives you and asks me to,

But I would rather stay mad at you.

He forgives you. So, I’ll follow suit.

In His forgiveness, I find roots.

Roots running deep within His love.

Roots that require me to rise above

All the things others choose to see.

God forgives you as He forgave me.

We really are quite the same.

All that’s different is our name.

Yet, when He calls us it’s in love.

Why then do we choose to judge?

As I choose to forgive, He whispers to me,

“When you're willing to forgive, it sets you free.”

So what’s this poem all about?

We've given it to God. He’ll work it out.

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