Jun. 30, 2016

Why am I okay?

Many things are happening in my family’s life right now. Some good; some bad and the jury is still out on some of those things. For those of you praying for us, we appreciate your prayers so very much.

One of my sons is making a major life move. The good news is I will have a reason to visit New York City, one of my most favorite places, more often. The bad news is my son will no longer be within one day’s driving distance from home.

My other son begins a new job next month. The job is something he always wanted to do but one that we tried really hard to talk him out of doing. You would think once a mother survives a son being in the Army and completing seven deployments that she would be one tough cookie. Not so much.

My oldest son is home. He is stationed at Ft. Polk, Louisiana. Who could ask for anything more?

We have serious illness in our family. Cancer is such an ugly word but until someone very close to you faces it, you really do not understand just how ugly it can be.

Many friends write me to share their hearts, their wounds, their worries, and their hopes. Praying for someone is such a tremendous blessing but also a powerful responsibility. We all have our problems and challenges, don’t we? My world, as happy as it is, isn’t exempt from struggle or pain.

If I could sum up why these obstacles do not get me down, the answer would be simple: Jesus.

I met Jesus as a very small child and walked with Him the best I knew how. My parents taught me the daily details of faith and a good, solid church prepared my heart for anything that could present itself along my way. I made a conscious decision my final year of high school to do the right thing, attempt to live the right way, and depend on God when confusion filled my mind.

He hasn’t let me down, yet.

The greatest challenge for any of us is to let go and trust God. Trust that what is meant to be will be. Trust that God does know what He is doing. Trust that He has it all under control. Trust that we can trust Him.

Father, our lives do not always go as planned. At times, we ignore the plans You present to us in order to choose our own way. Other times, Lord, life just isn’t fair. Life can be scary. Life can disappoint us. Life often deals us a hand that we never dreamed we’d be playing. Through it all, Lord, You are present. You walk with us. You love us. You comfort us. You strengthen us. The question is: are we willing to accept Your presence even when Your presence takes us to places we never wanted to be? I understand, Lord, that Your sovereignty brings the possibility that things will happen that I may not agree with, but You are always right. Thank You for the lessons of obedience, submission, dependence, betrayal, disappointment, suffering, and victory that You revealed to us through the life of Jesus.  Teach us, Lord, how to follow His example. Amen.