Jun. 29, 2016

Finding Reality in a Crazy, Mixed-up World

I learn so much from my friends. One friend shared an online video of Beth Moore recently that addressed the accusations of her “false teachings.” I encourage you to search for it on You Tube. She pretty much lays the smack down on our willingness to slander one another. (Guilty as charged, Lord.)

Another friend of mine never, ever, ever participates in any conversation – online or in person – that questions the credentials of another Christian teacher/preacher. She believes to accuse one another or to argue amongst ourselves actually empowers Satan. She is one smart lady.

These days it seems “false prophet” is being used as much as “Want to go to church with me?” Wait! It is being used more than “Want to go to church with me!” Something is very wrong with that picture.

What is a false prophet? Understanding who is and who isn’t just might settle some arguments, especially on Facebook.

What it is: Someone who teaches anything apart from One Holy God, One Holy Son, and One Holy Spirit. It doesn’t matter how they teach it or what words they say, if they are not pointing to Christ as the way – their way is false.

What it’s not: Someone whose teaching style or methods differ from your personal preference. All of the disciples had very different personalities and styles. There are very few Bible writers who had the exact same writing style. More specifically, Paul was definitely different and almost always doubted. Some well-meaning Christians tried to pit Peter and Paul against one another in the early days of the Church. What was their response? Look it up but I can tell you neither one started calling the other one a “false prophet.” Why? Because they understood that their target audiences were very different. Their style matched their calling.

Just because someone doesn’t quote a Bible verse every time they share doesn’t make them a false prophet. Just because I don’t say Jesus or God or church or baptism or tithing or missions or pew or hymn every time I open up and share my faith does not make me a false prophet.

Just because someone doesn’t spend 45 minutes on a sermon that goes verse by verse over an entire or partial chapter of the bible doesn’t make them a false prophet.

Most importantly, just because God gifted some of us to talk to the unchurch in ways that the church finds offensive still doesn’t make us a false prophet.

God hasn’t called me to convince church people of anything. He’s called me to walk among those searching souls and seeking hearts introducing them to the One Thing. My walk allows Him to convince them and doesn’t demand that I stick to a script. I don’t follow a formula. I yield to a Savior. God hasn’t called me to foreign missions; therefore, I am not required to learn a foreign tongue.

Brothers and sisters, please stop expecting everyone to act just like you, think just like you, want to hear music just like yours, and pick your particular style of preaching/teaching as the ONLY acceptable way to learn and worship.

One easy way to distinguish a false prophet from a real prophet: Do their words and actions point to The Truth?  It’s not about asking how many Bible verses are quoted or how long do they preach. I am not asking if you agree with everything everybody says.  I am asking you to ask yourself, “Do they point to The Truth?” If yes – they’re real.


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