Jun. 27, 2016


Many are outraged by the Supreme Court’s ruling to make health care (including abortion) available to women without the restrictions attempted over the past few years. Health care clinics, especially for poor women, dropped from an available 40 clinics to only 20 of those remaining open. If the law had been upheld, those 20 clinics would be reduced by half.

What does it matter?  It matters very much if you live in Alice, Paris, or New Berlin, Texas.

Harris County has the pride and privilege of taking care of its indigent through Harris Health, formerly Harris County Hospital District. However, families living outside the county lines of Texas’ larger cities do not have similar accessibility to health care. I realize many want to assume that these clinics do nothing but abortions; however, that would be untrue. I realize many do not want to deal with facts when the issue of abortion is brought up – they automatically go to their “spiritual” or “angry” place. It is definitely a volatile subject.

So, where do I stand? As a Biblical feminist who believes God’s original plan was for men and women to be equal co-partners in His creation while some choose to continue to operate under the curse of sin (which lowers the standing of a woman in the “church” world), I stand on the promise that God forgives all sin once it is confessed. I also stand in favor of writing laws that will make it illegal for a man to ejaculate inside of a woman that is not his legal wife.  How about that for reducing the need for abortions?

If we just tried a little harder to make men just a little more responsible for the seeds they sow, we just might see the need for health care services for women including abortion decline. Someday our culture and our churches will get in line with God’s original plan by understanding His sons and His daughters are equally loved and equally called. Truth is, however, He actually puts more responsibility on men when it comes to family matters.

My suggestion is that we put down our “Pro Life” and our “Pro Choice” signs. Let’s get together and make a banner that says, “Pro Family.” I suggest we talk more about male responsibility as opposed to women’s rights.

What would Jesus say? Try reading John 8:1-11 and you tell me.

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