Jun. 26, 2016

Choosing sides

Which is better – to build walls and remain divided or to keep conversation flowing in hopes of finding middle ground?

Is middle ground a sin? Do you, in your relationships, compromise at times? Is finding middle ground necessary for any successful relationship?

What makes one group angry enough to break off from another group by erecting a wall?

The Berlin Wall, the Great Wall of China, the wall in Jerusalem (both past and present) – what is gained? Did any of these historical walls prevent the very thing the wall was supposedly obstructing from happening?

I guess it depends on whose eyes you look through. For those shutting others out, I have a sneaking suspicion there is fear, pride, or indignation.  Guess what? On the other side of the wall, there is most likely fear, pride and indignation. Do fear, pride and indignation promote peace or booster security?

Is peace a sin? Some of us act as though it is and seem to fight to prevent peace instead of working to promote it.

Some say a wall is for safety. Planes and helicopters fly over walls. Some say walls make a point. Who wins after the point is made?

One bad thing about a governmentally-imposed wall is it restricts everyone’s view. One good thing about any wall dividing people, the wall provides a beautiful palette for heartfelt artwork and a forum for oppressed voices.

Is using the word, “oppressed,” a sin? Some of us act like it is.

Leviticus 19:17, “You shall not hate your brother in your heart, but you shall reason with your neighbor, lest you bear sin because of him.”