May. 26, 2016


God’s word teaches me to not allow the sun to go down on my anger. He tells me I can be angry, but not to allow my anger to get the best of me. Depression is anger turned inwardly. Rage is out-of-control anger. Venting is healthy, so I am going to vent. You know what makes me mad?

Aggressive drivers who want to make everyone’s day bad just because they are in a hurry to get nowhere.

A President that is okay with the large number of American women being diagnosed with breast cancer daily; the large number of American children suffering with cancer without specialized childhood cancer drugs being developed; and, the number of homeless and hungry Americans all the while wanting to make the transgender bathroom legislation his “swan song.”

Pastors of small churches putting down pastors of large churches never realizing the pastors of large churches really don’t focus on numbers and that is probably why their churches are so large.

Christians who assume anyone who thinks differently than they do must be false teachers.

People who are unwilling to listen but always ready to criticize.

People unwillingly to provide constructive criticism when something is obviously wrong.

Drivers who insist on going 15 mph in a 40 mph zone making me want to become one of those aggressive drivers already mentioned above.

Anybody who insists on defending their side of the story but who are never willing to entertain the idea they could very well be wrong.

Lazy workers who expect everyone else around them to make up for their lack of work but who always say, “I am so busy at work!” No. You’re not.


I guess I’d better end on that note before I make myself mad. At myself.

Think about it. I'm choosing to be angry. Most of these things are not things I can control. Hey, I'm not mad anymore. Now, I can go to bed. Good night.