May. 24, 2016

The Independent Side of the Story

The question isn’t who do I plan to vote for this election year. The question is what is important to me and which candidate stands for truth and justice?

I want the best of the best; not the least of the worst. I am not looking for someone that makes me happy. I am looking for someone who is dedicated to making our country better.

Do I expect a miracle?  Only if it means Christians will take a stand and send a message that the current government has royally messed up and America is not going to take it anymore.

Do I require perfection? No, it doesn’t exist. I am satisfied with competence and honor.

Do I have to agree on everything the candidate believes? No. I am open to varying opinions. America’s system does not allow a dictator or breed “lone rangers” but requires accountability and teamwork. Even if my presidential candidate doesn’t support 100% of what I believe, they are required to work with others that do.

Do I look for experience? Yes. But, the right kind of experience. I won’t vote for someone just because they’ve worked in government. But, I need someone who has enough exposure to a working government that they understand what is needed in government and from government. I do not go to a plumber for surgery and I don’t want someone inexperienced running my country.

I would rather have a real, genuine, authentic person who thinks differently than me rather than someone who tickles my ears by saying what they think I want to hear or saying what they need to say in order to be elected. I do not make a voting decision based on one issue regardless of how passionate I may feel about that one position.

Where do I draw the line? Liars. Massive egos. Too much baggage. Unrealistic plans. A general, all-around jerk will not get my vote. Anyone ready and willing to destroy the fabric of America in order to make their personal point is out.

If I am only willing to vote for someone who thinks exactly like me, I automatically limit my resources. I am open to the fact that leaders must respect, admire and care for everyone – not just me. But, I do need to feel like they care about the majority of Americans.

If I insist that leaders support my religion, what happens when someone gets into office that disagrees with my religion? I believe in the separation of church and state for Christianity’s security. I want the state to step away from my moral decisions and worship practices. My forefathers were dedicated to religious liberty and that gives people the right to choose no religion at all. It does not give the government right to choose a particular religion for everyone.

The government’s role is to govern the country. The church’s role is to reach its people. Not vice versa.

I’d rather support a genuinely good person who has questionable ideas than a really bad person who lies and thinks they know it all. Some support a party. I vote for a person. Some stand for particular issues. I examine character traits.

Holy Spirit, lead us all. Holy Spirit, breathe on us. Holy Spirit, save us. I believe You are in this election, Lord. I trust Your decision even if it isn’t my preference. Amen.