May. 14, 2016

The True Story

I think we forget it’s all about the story. We’ve complicated faith to the point that we have divided up into finely-designed buildings and selected our style of music. Some have gone as far as to say we must read a certain translation of the bible in order to belong; in order to be right – in order to be righteous.

Others of us have decided it is about how we are baptized – when, where, timing, even the person performing the baptism. Did we know exactly what we were doing when we asked Jesus in our heart? Perhaps He resided there just waiting for us to embrace Him? Did someone make the choice for us? How much water was used in the baptism? Could it be that there is a possibility the baptism of Jesus was more about affirming who John the Baptist was in order to bring Old Testament prophecy to fruition? As well as allowing God to announce to the world His pleasure over His Son’s willingness to be the ultimate sacrifice for an undeserving mankind? Or was the point in this portion of the story about the depth of the water and method?

We’ve developed too many side stories to the one true story. The true story has become unrecognizable. Might we be willing to step out of His way allowing Him to tell His story through us instead of trying to work around us?

For some of us it is about how often we worship. Do we worship daily simply walking and working in everyday life? Are we at a church building when we worship? How often do we attend a formal worship service? Is it too big of a crowd to matter or too small to feel any meaning? Are there instruments or do we sing a cappella? Are there too many instruments? Are they the right kind of instruments? Are the instruments too loud?

Some go as far as to say it is about what we hold true and right. It’s about sexual preference and the level of tolerance. Some believe tolerating anything that we call “sin” based on our translation of the bible and based on what our pastor tells us while we are sitting in our comfortable pews determines not only the maturity of our faith, but also determines our level of being right with God.

I think we forget it is all about the story. The story actually began the moment man failed his Maker by choosing for himself as opposed to following God’s instruction. We don’t understand it, but we live it. The story of the fall could be entitled, “Jack and Jill,” or “Bonnie and Clyde,” or “Tommy and Roni Archer.” Every human being that ever was, currently is, or ever will be chooses their own way over God’s will more often than not.

We debate whether it was Eve’s fault for leading Adam astray or if the entire problem was based on Adam’s refusal to lead at all. We’ve forgotten the true story has very little to do with Adam and Eve because the true story is The True Story. Jesus Christ Himself.

We’ve spent so much time debating what constitutes “sin” that we’ve stopped pointing to a Savior.

So we continue to debate which translation we should read; how often we should read it; what time of the day we need to read it in order to be most effective; yet, are we really being transformed more into His image as opposed to growing in our own religious beliefs by ignoring His story?

Dear Christian friends, faith is all about Him. Salvation is all about Him. The true story is HIM.

Oh, how different our efforts to live out faith would be if we stopped living by religion’s rules and became true examples of faith pointing the way to mercy, grace, and peace with our Maker. When a person sees into the eyes of Jesus, everything else slips away. If we are staring other people in the eye simply trying to make our point, where is the salvation in that?

When I am ready and willing to relinquish my story and allow the focus to be solely on His story, everyone wins.

“For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever believes in him shall have everlasting life.” John 3:16

End of story.

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