May. 11, 2016

Wanna hear a joke?

The Pope and a lawyer passed away on the exact same day at the exact same time. They entered the gates of Heaven together. A Heavenly guide greeted them to start their “Welcome!” tour. There were many faces to see and many relationships both men remembered well from all of their days on earth. When it came time for the two men to be escorted to their Heavenly mansions, the guide took them down a bright and beautiful road. The guide came to a very large mansion and told the Pope, “Sir, you stay here.” The guide and the lawyer watched as the Pope walked up the beautifully-landscaped pathway into his beautiful Heavenly home. The guide continued down the path until they were at the end of the road stopping at a tiny, little shack. The guide pointed towards the shack introducing the lawyer to his Heavenly abode. The lawyer asked, “Excuse me? Why did the Pope get such a LARGE house and I have only this small shack?”  The guide replied, “We have a lot of Popes here so they need a lot of room.  You are our first lawyer.”

We seem to be missing joy in our society. I must admit, I don’t hear much laughter these days. I want to scream as I stand in the middle of my street, “Does anybody laugh anymore?”

We need joy. I realize not all of us have reasons to be happy, but joy is an inward gift that we are given as children of God. We need laughter. We cannot live in a world whose only sounds are war, traffic, protests, crying, shouting, and sarcasm. We need laughter.

I believe most of our souls are longing to hear more laughter. We want to feel more love. Can we stop being so intense and try being just a little bit funny?

Share jokes. Share your endless hope found in Christ alone. Share your faith. Smile more often.

After all, a smile is an international language that transcends any boundary we try to build.