May. 5, 2016



During the 1990’s, I wrote a newspaper column entitled, “Freely Female.” It was the first time in my life that I discovered writing can be very therapeutic.  It was also the first time I realized there were people out there that really don’t like me.  It came as quite a shock.

My Daddy advised me by saying, “You are too good of a writer to bring up politics.” He encouraged me to stay away from political issues and stick with what matters – faith, family and friendship.

The second shock of my life was learning that people I love dearly may see something totally different than how I see it or what I think about it. My husband and I came to an agreement tonight that we accept different people look at the same issue with different eyes and in different ways. That’s the beauty of America! We get to see what we choose to see and not what we are told to accept.

I want to follow my Daddy’s advice and steer clear of politics. I realize the political climate will spark many debates and result in hard feelings. God has given me such a peace. During my prayer time, I made a promise to Him. I will not decide who to vote for until I walk into the voting booth and I will form my own opinion based on fact – not other people’s opinion or a particular party.

Today’s blog is going to be about flipping. Yes, that’s right. I want to share my observations about the tendency to flip.

Flip flopping: I do not respect flip floppers. These are people who use words to destroy and demean others and then suddenly want us to forget everything they said because they are ready to forgive their perceived enemy.  From a spiritual sense, I have to ask myself, “Is there an essence of forgiveness in a flip flopper or was my first impression of them true? Flip floppers hate and fake their way through life.”  Where’s the respect in that?

Flipping out: Flipping out occurs when we are unable to apply the spiritual gift of self-control. Someone says something about us or to us (or on Facebook) and we blurt out our first response without thinking, breathing and praying. I admit this is an area in my spiritual walk that God is trying to transform me more into His image. So, will that make me a flip flopper once He has completed His work in me?

Flipping the switch: This is my preferred style of flipping. I am learning to hide the posts that irritate or infuriate me. I chuckle thinking, “I wonder how many of my Facebook friends have hid me?” Flipping the switch doesn’t mean I don’t love someone anymore. It doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear from them or don’t value their opinion. Flipping the switch simply means they are not going to engage me in useless chatter. I have limited time on this earth. I want to make every minute matter and every word count.

Flippin’ crazy: These are the times we post something that is so totally bizarre and not based on reality. To flip to the crazy side of life every now and then is expected. Life’s stresses, disappointments, and hard knocks can flip us to the crazy side. Prayer, wise counsel, and drawing closer to God re-centers us. If we are spending all our time on the crazy side, we might want to seek professional help.

I hope I made a few good points and it didn’t come across as too political despite being based on recent observations in the world of politics.

I can hear some of you saying, “I really don’t give a flip.” And, that’s okay, too!