May. 4, 2016

For the children....

There once was a girl

Living in a great, big world

Believing in both good and bad.

There was also a boy

Who found living a joy

And was grateful for all that he had.

Both children knew

The sky could be blue

But some days the sky would give rain.


The children had hope

And that’s how they coped;

Despite any doubt or their pain.

There was so much to say

In the midst of dismay.

They watched the adults be so cruel.

What should be the “best of the best”

Standing out from the rest

Was nothing more than a stammering fool.

The children were surprised

To see dishonesty and lies

Winning great personal fame.

All they’d been taught

Seemed to be lost

When the ballot presented the names.

In other countries

There were these stories

About the land of the free; home of the brave.

Imagine the children’s surprise

Learning it was all lies

When adults won’t back what they say.

The children watched and learned.

Politics are mean. People get burned.

No one was willing to stand for what’s right.

It seemed all about greed;

And egos – indeed!

Where were the Christians in this moral fight?

Were the children’s dream idealized?

Parents’ convictions rationalized?

Why did anger outweigh good sense?

The children finally grew.

They weren’t the children we knew.

What came next was selfish pretense.

The elders cried, “Oh, no!”

Spilling their woes

Wondering how their own children could stray.

It seems the parents forgot

There is a great cost

When our children hear what we say.

We are their example

Our faults can be ample.

Will they remember the hope they once had?

What goes around

Eventually comes back around;

So don’t ask, “How did things get so bad?”

Our generation is failing.

Our faith is faltering.

We seemed to be so confused.

We support plans of selfishness.

And uphold resentfulness.

While our children feel they are lied to.

When we don’t practice what we preach,

Our kids can’t be salvaged or reached.

So let’s not act self-righteous or surprised.

Going to church will not save them.

It matters more how we raise them.

So are our lives examples or lies?

There comes a day

Your life is the sway

On which direction your children will go.

At the end of ten years,

We will see what we fear.

We pour out our hearts as they reply, “So?”

We’ve sealed their fate

With our anger and hate;

Leaving their world tattered and torn.

Every word that we say;

Every message relayed.

America, consider yourself forewarned.

Roni Archer - May 4, 2016

*Poetry copyrighted along with this blog site.