May. 1, 2016


I love getting feedback on my blog. My intent is to journal real-life messages and feelings, which hopefully translates into teachable moments along the way. If you have something you’d like to share but do not want to share it publicly, please feel free to private message me on Facebook. I am willing to hear agreement and opposition. The Lord is working to develop humility and meekness in me. Contrary to popular belief, I do not always think I am right. Differing opinions do not anger or intimidate me.

It’s funny. There are times I shoot from the heart and share deep, personal experiences. During some of those times, I hear (and I fear) that I talk about myself too much. However, please remember the blog does bear witness to the lessons learned in my life. In order to testify or to serve as a witness, I will be able to say, “Been there; done that.”

There are other times that I focus more on what I see and what I hope will change. During some of those times, I receive feedback that I am too bossy, preachy or weird. The weirdness card isn’t being pulled from the deck as often as it was in the past.

I had two blog sites prior to this one. Those sites disappeared into a cyber-built black hole. Those blogs were written during an intense spiritual struggle and over the course of bitterness in my Christian walk. Some people have mental breakdowns. Some people have emotional breakdowns. I’ve survived a spiritual breakdown. When I closed the blogs, I made certain they were closed for good.  Otherwise, I’d have to write feedback to myself and say, “Girl! You need to take a chill pill! You’re just weird!”

Please allow me to remind you that this blog, my current blog, is entitled, “Lessons Learned: Tidbits of Knowledge.” The name implies exactly what God laid on my heart and affirmed through a praying friend. 1) I need to be willing to admit my faults to others as the Bible teaches, and 2) I must be obedient even if I seem weird (Ok, maybe the weirdness card is still in play).

If you don’t understand how God speaks to His children or believe that He doesn’t speak anymore, then you probably won’t read my blog in the first place. However, if you are a Christ follower and understand the concept of God’s written word and the Spirit-breathed word, you understand that teachers, preachers, and prophets are called to speak up. Topics are not always popular and messages can seem weird. How can you distinguish the true word from a false word? That’s easy. If it points to God and brings God glory, it is most likely true. If it contradicts God or exalts only the speaker’s point of view, it is false. If the speaker continues to love you despite your decision to reject the word – it’s true. Hate is not an option in God’s kingdom.

So keep on responding understanding that “Lessons Learned” will be about me and what He has taught me.  “Tidbits of Knowledge” will be those messages from Him provided through me. In other words, you are all correct. Some blogs are about me and some blogs are “preachy.” But, if you are fair – all blogs are really more about Him. At least I hope my writing points to Him. If not, tell me!

To be fair, I receive lots of compliments and encouragement. Thank you so much for your feedback.