Apr. 26, 2016

Answering Your Call...

As I look across the years,
I realize You were there.
You saw my every movement.
You heard each and every prayer.
At times, I walked along with you;
Other times I ran.
You always offered Your sweet love
Allowing me to begin again.
I was taught about You as a child.
I grew to know You well.
I was given permission to sit back for awhile
Until you had a message for me to tell.
I know that not everyone sees it.
I know that some think it’s untrue.
But, You always made me believe it –
I am actually speaking for You.
For those who don’t understand it,
It can seem quite bizarre!
For those who know of and walk with You,
We defend You as our Lord.
After looking across all the years
And remembering every mile,
My heart remains so grateful
That You called me as Your child.
1 Timothy 4:11-13

By Roni Archer - April 26, 2016