Apr. 22, 2016

Let's hear it for the girls!!!!!!!

Click here to watch the accompanying video, please.

Why does Harriet Tubman matter? Is America's decision to give our currency a facelift that better portrays America's roots "political correctness" or simply full disclosure of our history? Women play important roles in our lives. Uh, for one, your mother loaned you her uterus for nine months. That's pretty important, isn't it?

You tell me - what would you rather celebrate in the generations to come: A President and war hero that served his country while owning slaves, protecting the right to own slaves, and contributed to the massacre of hundreds of Native Americans OR a slave who endangered her life, her family's life, and the lives of those she helped set free in order to restore basic human rights among all Americans?

I am puzzled on whether some are irritated based on change in general or that a woman is the face on a US bill? Women contributed all through history and the Bible. Submission means "yield the floor when necessary;" not "lay on the floor and get trampled over."

If it is the matter of change, we might need to throw out our microwaves or our electric lights in order to keep America as it was back then. In fact, let's stop buying vehicles and hand in our cell phones if change really bothers us.

Or let's celebrate together! Let's teach the children in our lives that faithful women and strong females helped build God's kingdom on earth and contributed in the birth of America. Not counting every single one of our births.

We stopped making and using the Kennedy half dollar. Susan B. Anthony coins weren't the hit anticipated. But, now we can collect buffalo nickels and frame ol' Andrew Jackson.

Move along or step aside, my friend.