Apr. 19, 2016

Disturbing Darwin

What came first: the chicken or the egg? This debate seems funny, but it has everything to do with everything. What came first? The egg that produced the chicken OR the chicken that produced the egg? We may never know.

If we trust Darwin’s theory of evolution both the egg and the chicken simply appeared on the landscape one day and there was no other beginning because they evolved from a living organism. I guess Darwin would say, “What came first: the air or a living organism?”  Darwin is a Dodo bird – in my opinion. So, what came first: a Dodo egg or Darwin?

I find the theory of evolution much more difficult to believe or embrace when looking at how life originated. I’ve heard Christian scientists speak on the matter and say that watching nature really disproves any theory that life just “happened.” In examining the delicacy of human, plant and animal life – Somebody came up with the idea.  It’s called creation.  Just as a canvass will not turn into a masterpiece regardless of how long you leave it sitting in a room with paints nearby, life does not simply happen. The artist must pick up the tool in order to produce art.  The Creator moved His hand to create His greatest works of art. Life is intricate and intriguing because of an infinite God.

I know for certain I did not come from a frog and apes are not in my ancestry.  How do I know? Look at those faces (please see the picture that accompanies this blog)!

I wish anyone who doubts creation and the existence of God Almighty would willingly commit to doing two things: 1) Pray and ask the Air to guide you into a clear understanding of how life came to be, and 2) Read the Bible. Read a Bible that you understand. God’s word is much more convincing than Darwin’s theory of evolution.

Amoebas, organisms, and apes.  Get real. We are too complex to believe we just happened. There is a Master Designer with a significant purpose for creating life. I have to tell you, creation makes much more sense to me than believing we simply evolved. Why didn’t apes naturally disappear if evolution rids the earth of inferior life and replaces it with superior beings?

Which came first: Creation or evolution? Creation. A Creator gave Charles Darwin life that included a brain and free will to come up with his disturbing findings. Just because Darwin said it doesn’t make it true.

Natural selection – bah humbug! The truth of the matter is we are supernaturally created and graciously selected to have a loving relationship with the God of the Universe that is the Original Designer of life. There’s nothing natural about His selection to call us “child.” He does so because of grace.