Apr. 18, 2016

More or Less

Each of us has areas in our lives and behavior where spiritual growth is needed. It’s shocking and humbling to realize we aren’t perfect. The day we become all we can be is the day God’s work in us is complete and He will call us home.  Until then, we must remain teachable and moldable. Regardless of our age. Regardless of how often we attend church. Regardless of which church we choose to attend or how long we’ve been going there.

Do you have enough self-awareness that you are able to identify both your strengths and your weaknesses? Do you feel as though you do all the emotional and spiritual work while others seem to care less? That can be frustrating, can’t it? During those times, we get a small glimpse of what Jesus must have felt like while He was walking this earth among men.

Other Christians may take the attitude that they are “better than most compared to some.” I’ve always seen that as an interesting plumb line. I was taught at a very young age that, when we stand at the gates of Heaven, “I’ve done better than most,” isn’t going to carry much weight. Besides, the Bible teaches we should be imitators of Christ; not carbon copies other Christians.

My prayer for myself is that I will have more of Christ’s characteristics and less of my own with each passing day. As I mature, I’ve learned to do a lot more breathing, praying, pausing, and reflecting in order to create “God space.” God space is my intentional effort to be still and silent creating the opportunity for God to reach me despite the hurried confusion going on around me.

More of Him and less of me creates better relationships. Let’s be honest. More of Him and less of me results in a better me!

Father, one of the most difficult and saddest things I observe among church people is our belief that we are better than others. Lord, I am nothing apart from You. Lord, I am bothered by the tendency for some of us to feel we know it all, we have all the answers and our actions reveal we do not believe we have anything else to learn. Father, I believe this is one reason Christianity has lost its impact. People see more of us than they see of You in us. Lord, we want more of You and less of us. We cannot grow past simply wanting this unless we are first ready to admit we are sinners.  Sin isn’t solely the horrible things the world is doing wrong. You died for my sins, too, Lord. Forgive me when I not only believe I know more, but I secretly believe I am more. Teach me to see through Your eyes and to respond to Your Spirit. Amen.