Apr. 16, 2016


Many of us seem to be reacting to the actions of others. When we observe certain states or certain groups acting outside of our realm of acceptance, we react. One big problem with Christianity is we seem to concentrate more on our reaction to others rather than focusing on our personal actions towards others.

Judging results in more judging. Anger promotes anger. Violence begets violence. Hate paralyzes everyone.

Have you ever been exposed to studies in generational reactions? If we truly understand we do not all think alike and that doesn’t necessarily make anyone bad, we might just grow spiritually to become more like Christ.

The easy way out is to simply yell, carry a sign, or post, “YOU ARE WRONG!” Here’s what we need to ask ourselves, “What would Jesus do?” Yea, I know.  I grew sick and tired of the catchy phrase in the early 2000’s, but with time I’ve grown to consider it before REACTING to someone else’s ACTIONS.

What would Jesus do? Something tells me He would put love behind His actions and not worry about the reaction of others.

Our attempts to prove our self “right” provokes anger in others. Showing ourselves to be righteous promotes love. Faith develops much more fully in an environment of love and acceptance. I don’t have to accept how someone else chooses to live. I do have to admit Christ died for all and is capable of loving all.

Lord, I am optimistic. I really don’t believe we are too far gone, yet. I believe Your Bible teaches that there were much darker times in human history but that You are the Eternal Light. Help us spread Light. Don’t let us turn to the dark side of human behavior which consists of hate, anger and condemnation. I believe, Jesus, You did, still do and will always choose love every single time in each and every circumstance.  Thank you for loving me – the greatest of sinners – despite my many wrong actions and poor reactions.  Amen.