Apr. 12, 2016

Facing the Brick Wall





“Hide your feelings,” they say to me. 

“Don’t be yourself.

You can’t be free.

Dumb down in order to get along.

Act shy and meek –

Never strong!

We want to tell you what you need to change;

All the while,

We’ll remain the same.

It’s all your fault and never ours!

We can’t be taught;

Don’t call us liars!

If we put you down to your face,

We don’t have to admit

Our own disgrace.

The blame game removes us from any fault.

We know everything.

We can’t be taught.

We’ve lived our life with our heads in the sand.

Don’t ask us to change.

I don’t think we can.”


Poetry and artwork by Roni Archer. Copyright of blog site applies.