Mar. 31, 2016

Living life in the dark...

For most of my life as a Christian, I have been what is referred to as a “light Christian.” I found God easily in my bright and happy places. I can honestly say that I continue to struggle with the concept of living life in my dark times. You know, those times when all hopes are dashed, happier days seem long gone, a close-knit church family is a thing of the past, and what was otherwise a healthy family is experiencing our fair share of health issues

The simplicity of faith is forever behind me. I can no longer think like a child or act like a child. God requires that we grow up depending only on Him. In the words of my grandson when he is asked to try new things, “I don’t like it.”

The artist Adele has a new song, “Love You in the Dark.” The song is intended to tell the story of human lovers reaching the end of their love affair. The words prick my spirit each and every time I sing them, “I don’t want to love You in the dark.” I prefer the light days. I embrace the bright experiences of life. I really don’t want to let go of what’s happy in order to lean into what is painful and tough.

Just as in true, romantic love between human beings, our love for God requires that we love Him in the dark. We must love God in our darkness, through our darkness and despite the negative feelings associated with dark times. The ability to love in the dark is the glue that sustains any relationship – human or spiritual. Job loved God in the dark. Paul loved God in the dark. Jesus Christ loves us through our times of darkness. After all, He experienced the darkest days of all.

Without experiencing the dark, we would never truly understand or fully embrace the Light.

Dear Lord, I don’t want to love You in the dark. Teach me how. I want to learn to do so believing I will come out the other side much stronger in my faith. Amen.