Mar. 26, 2016

Danger, Will Robinson!


We walk a risky line when we make the decision to remove all hope from our world. When we declare that God has abandoned us and that the world is completely evil, we deny the presence of God in us and through us.

 I gave up Facebook for Lent this year. This was my third year to do so and I didn’t do as well this year. My family was going through many changes and many experiences, so I often “cheated” and took a sneak peek at the pictures they posted. God forgive me.

I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t beating myself up knowing that I hadn’t remained totally true to my sacrifice of choice for the season. God is so clever. He smiled in my heart and whispered, “Because you are giving up Facebook for a while longer and I’m okay that you peeked every now and then.”

I found myself, once again, caught up in the political hysteria of late.  I have a prayer partner praying that I will develop self-control and not think I need to have an opinion or a say in every situation.  It is what it is; God is still who He is; and, regardless of the next President, my God remains in control.

As a little girl I watched the show, “Lost in Space.” I didn’t seem to mind the ridiculous landscape presented as being far off worlds and the silly adventures presented in the plots. The Robinson family was lost – lost in space. The entire series revolved around their journey back home and the pitfalls they faced in space.

The robot in the TV show “Lost in Space” shouted the words, “Danger, Will Robinson, Danger!” as a way to provide a warning for any danger lurking behind the poorly-designed space rocks. The little boy trusted the robot to show him the way and guide him out of the snare. I have much more than a TV robot. I have Jesus.

If we truly have Jesus in our lives, if we really claim Him as Savior, our fears and fortunes shouldn’t seem so bleak. We have purpose. We have meaning. We have hope. When we forget those important Biblical truths, we remain lost in space. Unless God fills those spaces, the world has no hope. Not because God has abandoned us, but because we have abandoned God.