Mar. 22, 2016

From me. For You.

I wrote a scathing blog yesterday. It came from an area of deep frustration within me. I prayed while I was writing it. I believed God was prompting me to say things that are difficult to hear. I realized I would offend many people that I love dearly. I love God more. I cannot explain my faith to you anymore than you can justify your faith to me. At some point in our humanity, we must allow everyone to be their own person and trust God with the rest.

The Holy Spirit shook me awake at 5:20 a.m. today. I know it was the Spirit’s prompting because I do not ever get up before 6:30 unless there is an emergency. I could not go back to sleep. I felt the Lord leading me to remove the blog. I sat up in bed and said, “Seriously? I thought I cleared this with You. Remember, I sat in front of my computer and prayed before typing. I prayed while I was typing. I read and re-read the blog 100 times asking, ‘God, are You sure?’ Why did You clear me to post the controversial, angry blog if You wanted me to take it down less than 12 hours later?”

I begrudgingly got up out of bed and came into my computer room. I logged on and I clicked “Delete” removing the blog from my page. I looked up at the ceiling and asked, “Can I go back to bed now, Lord.” I went back to bed and fell back asleep.

When my 6:30 alarm went off, I was still pouting that I lost about 30 minutes of sleep before starting my day. I turned on my T.V. and heard the news of the Brussels terrorist attack. I sat back down on my bed and listened intently.

Then, it hit me. God agreed to let me post the blog to finally relieve some of the stress I have been feeling for weeks. He had me take down the blog for one simple reason – He requires that I practice what I preach. I can’t ask you to be nice if I am being mean.

Let’s learn to truly love one another despite our differences. Those differences might be physical, spiritual, philosophical or political. Let’s love anyway. If you read my angry blog yesterday, I hope you learned at least one thing from it – I am a person who really tries to see the opposite side of an issue. Always defending our perspective does not allow us to understand others.

With that said, I believe God had some people read the blog because it is quite possible they are angry, too. Maybe He led some others to the blog in order to jolt them into thinking there is always another side to the story.

God is real. He lives with us. He lives in us. Our job is to share Him and to apologize when we make Him look bad.

I am sorry. God wants me to work on me. I trust Him to work on you. Blessings to you during this Holiest of seasons. Jesus lived. Jesus died. More importantly, He rose again and He will return for us. Amen.