Feb. 25, 2016

Hit me with your best shot!

This election year is confusing. People are okay if we throw political correctness out the window. I’m hearing more and more that Donald Trump is “speaking to the hearts of Americans who are sick and tired of political correctness taking over common sense”. That’s an interesting concept. Donald Trump is appealing to our common sense?  Hmmmmmm…

If we are pulling out all the stops and allowing everyone to speak freely, it’s my turn. Donald Trump has tapped into “white anger.” His slogan that he is going to “take America back” translates in my mind as “moving America backwards.” There is no other time in American history that a sexist, greedy, racist bigot would get away with what Mr. Trump seems to be allowed to spew all across the airwaves and into social media. His anti-social behavior is completely acceptable to some – even those who claim to follow Christ.

An evangelical pastor in South Carolina has a radio talk show. He’s legit. He’s the real thing. He voiced to his viewers how baffled he was by the Christian right jumping on the Trump bandwagon. I’m not baffled. I watched my brothers and sisters jump on a Mormon’s train saying he was going to “bring God back into American politics.” Again, interesting concept since – as a devout Mormon – he would have to run everything by his church elders before acting. I would have preferred my “Christian” friends have the guts to say they didn’t want a Liberal black president as opposed to posting pictures all across Facebook about how “righteous” Mitt Romney was and how great of a first lady his wife would make. Her church teaches her to run from anything that is not stereotypical, traditional gender roles. Yea, right.  That’s what we need.

I strongly encourage anyone who claims to be a born-again Christian to make a list of anything Christ-like they can find in Donald Trump. You just better fasten your seatbelts. If this agnostic billionaire wins the race for America, we won’t be safer. Dumber, yes. Safer, no.

I wish for once the Republican party would have the courage to say, “we ain’t got nothing” in the area of true, Conservative, moral, logical, peace-loving, wise and balanced candidates. In an election year when they actually put some very strong candidates before us, we choose the crazy white guy.

Give me a break. Donald Trump? I’d like to hear the Holy Spirit clear you on that vote, dear Christian. We are so afraid of Hillary Clinton that we are ready to go the direct polar opposite and allow a crude, rude, womanizing, divorced-multiple times, arrogant creep run our country.

At least Hillary claims to care for the poor. According to Christ, that trumps Trump.